20 August 2016


We are Corina, Doru and Vlad and together we founded INK Association | Innovation Needs Knowledge.

Our MISSION is to promote, preserve, sustain and defend human rights as a fundament of democracy and rule of law. Through our projects, the target groups we aim will acquire the capacity and ability to influence decision making processes.

Our GOAL is to improve citizens life through the professionalisation of key categories in the society.

Our VISION is to contribute to the consolidation of strong South-East European democracies with fair and effective administration and justice system.

Our VALUES  are Respect, Legality, Integrity, Transparency, Responsibility, Loyalty, Professional Ethics and Creativity.

 The OBJECTIVES of our association are:

  • Personal and professional development of jurists and public administration functionaries;
  • Raising awareness on the importance of democracy, rule of law and human rights;
  • Promotion of public policies in these areas;
  • International cooperation and change of ideas and good practices between EU and nonEU states in South East Europe;
  • Promotion of integrity, professionalism and civic values.